Beat Infertility

PCOS & Inflammation: Ellen’s Story. “Today’s journey story of a woman named Ellen. She is a 33-year-old doula who enjoys reading, cross-stitching, and yoga. Ellen spent 4 years as a doula before trying to conceive herself. She got pregnant quickly but miscarried at 11.5 weeks. She went in for an ultrasound and was told there was no heartbeat. She took 2 rounds of medication, which led to a month of bleeding and 2 trips to the ER.”

Becoming You

Moms On A Mission (Part 1) – with Lacey Thomas, Ellen Barnard and Jessica Bird Hagestedt. “Interviews with primal nutritionist, childbirth educator and doula Ellen Barnad, with my high school classmate, talented esthetician and makeup artist Lacey Thomas, and former D1 athlete, personal trainer and holistic health coach Jessica Bird Hagestedt.”


I’ve got a cup – not a bucket. “This week I sat down to chat with Ellen Barnard, Women’s Health Coach, Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Founder of Your Harmony Hive, to talk about balancing motherhood with business ownership, reconnecting to our natural cycles, and the power of radical self-love.”


Doing It At Home Birth Podcast

Doula for 6 Years Before Having a Full Moon Home Birth with Ellen Barnar‪d. “Why doesn’t everybody do this?”

That’s the question that David, Ellen’s husband, asked after the home birth of their daughter Willow. Ellen walks us through her journey to home birth — from her doula work for 6 years before her birth and what inspired it, to changing care from a birthing center to home birth, to getting her husband on board with the decision.

Feminine Business Chronicles

How to BioHack Your Body To Create A Flourishing Business. “Ellen Barnard will share her wisdom and research on how you can Biohack your hormones and nutrition to support you to flourish. With her research, she’s proven that by tracking your cycle and eating the proper nutrition during the different phases of the month you’ll support your body to produce energy and vitality.”

Life After Miscarriage

Real stories of miscarriage from women all over the world. In this episode I chat with Shelly Mettling. “Ellen shares her background in being a doula, fertility awareness, and being a loss mom herself.

Through The Harmony Hive, she helps women lay the foundation for their health through hormone balancing.”

Miscarriage Hope Desk

Understanding and Responding to Our Cycle Phases. “Ellen believes that the ultimate act of self-love is to listen to your body, and respond to what it is telling you. Our body shows us its suffering by hormonal imbalances, autoimmune conditions, PMS symptoms and infertility. When you know how to track your cycle phases, your body can show you how to mend itself. It is important to prioritize your own care and to remain hopeful.”


“I am finally full-time owner of Moving Bravely and while I work behind-the-scenes on rebranding and launching the new look, enjoy this summer series interview with Ellen Barnard of Harmony Hive. Read about her below!

TW: Grief, Loss, miscarriage, body acceptance, women’s health, women’s bodies, women’s advocacy.”

The Onas Podcast

“Ellen discusses how she originally became a doula after being a hair stylist and listening to what women were going through. Ellen goes on to discuss meeting her husband, living in Hawaii, experiencing pregnancy loss & gas lighting from doctors, and left with little to no answers about infertility. The researcher that she is, left her to researching all about miscarriages, infertility, MTHFR gene mutations, the menstrual cycle & female hormones, and changed her course of life forever.”

Wholesome Fertility 

Can Cycle Syncing Benefit Your Period? “Ellen Barnard is a Childbirth Educator, Doula and Primal Health Coach, who works with women to help balance their hormones for fertility success through foundational health and lifestyle changes that improve their chances of getting pregnant/staying pregnant. She offers coaching designed to help women prepare their bodies the best they can by first understanding their bodies and then choosing appropriate exercise and foods depending on where they are in their cycle.”