Welcome to The Hive.

I’m Ellen Barnard – your go to hormone and women’s health coach.


Group Coaching that Works:

The Harmony Hive

A 12 week group coaching program designed to provide the foundational information for your health so you can understand what your body needs, see the transformation when you make adjustments, know how to implement changes in lifestyle, build relationships with women on the same journey and receive support, guidance and mentorship so you can feel inspired and empowered.

One thing I’ve learned on my decade long personal and professional journey is the need for community – to find your tribe to empower, support, guide and inspire. That is why I created Your Hive Life – a FREE Facebook community designed to do just that. It’s filled with incredible women, masterclasses, guest speakers, free challenges and resources. 



I’m here to help you connect the puzzle pieces of your health. To empower you to live in a healthy body that feels in harmony! You deserve to understand your body, your female health and how that is the starting point for all other aspects of your physical and emotional health. If you are in your reproductive years, regardless of your desire to conceive, you need to be hormonally balanced to thrive.